Safran investigates workplace efficiency. How to overcome obstacles to film distribution. How to organise the premier showing of your masterpeice.

The Safran ABC Pilots

Here is the controversial television show pilot made by John Safran that was fortunately smuggled out of the ABC's vaults! Entitled Media Tycoon, it is a wonderfully hilarious criticism of the media, from tabloid journalism and media reporting to documentary film makers and music video programmes. It is delivered in part as a satire of supposed news programmes that employ "foot in the door" tabloid journalistic techniques to acquire their unimportant features. Safran's criticism is also acheived using plenty of pointed sarcasm including novel tips for overcoming obstacles to film distribution. The climax of the 30 minute pilot is an ironical confrontation with Ray Martin who at the time, was the anchor for the prime-time nightly "news" programme A Current Affairs (ACA) screened on Channel 9 Australia, known for its tabloid content. John Safran attempts to question him "ACA style" about his show's unconscionable journalistic practices. The result is a most unfortunate incident that tarnishs Martin's previously unblemished character. Although his hypocritical reaction was not widely reported and his show's ratings were holding steady, Ray Martin unexpectedly departed at the end of what seemed another successful season. Whilst the incident could not have been the main reason, it is rumoured that it greatly lost him favour. He was next spotted 6 months later doing the graveyard shift, hosting the 1999 Cricket World Cup, his prestige seemingly lost.

The pilot is in 2 parts that run for aproximately 14 minutes. You will need at least Realplayer 6 (G2) to view the files.

      Part 1 3760KB    Part 2 3299KB
Ray Martin delivering another ratings winner. Ray Martin drilled ACA style outside his own home. Ray is unable to stand the heat, a scene typically out of his own show.